Free Shooter MMO games with Isometric view and gameplay.

Dead Island: Epidemic is a free-to-play multiplayer isometric action MOBA-like game. Players will fight over supply points using an arsenal of crafted weaponry, a collection of harmful powers, and good old-fashioned teamwork, in a world infected with zombies. Reviews of “Dead [...]
for: Windows | by: Stunlock Studios visit site
Magic Barrage is the one of the best ever free to play Barrage Hell browser game. With a retro 8-bit style, 8 classes and thousands of items to discover MB is easy to play but difficult to master. MB takes the [...]
for: WindowsMacLinux | by: Gameguyz visit site
Of Guards And Thieves is a free-to-play (and paid steam early access) MMO isometric shooter game about teamplay, stealthy movement, action, tactics and timing. OGAT brings together gameplay from FPS, Top-down shooters and sandbox games. We want to give you a [...]
for: WindowsMacLinux | by: Subvert Games visit site
Zombies Ate My Pizza is a free to play post-apocalyptic zombies MMO action shooter with isometric view. Blast your way through hordes of ravenous zombies and their evil alien overlords, blowing up foes and picking up grabbing supplies along the way. [...]
for: WindowsMacLinux | by: R2Games visit site
Realm of the Mad God is a “massively-multiplayer cooperative bullet hell shooter” with a pixelated art style. Players control characters who have been transported to the realm of Oryx (the titular Mad God) to become food for his many minions and [...]
for: WindowsMacLinux | by: Wild Shadow Studios visit site
Mutant Factions is a free-to-play multiplayer online shooter with top-down view. The gameplay is unique because you don’t play as a man, but as a mutant. Killing enemies lets you mutate and unlock crazy skills, making for intense and tactical combat! [...]
for: WindowsLinux | by: Ben Johnson visit site